Scott is a London based illustrator and has over a decade of experience producing hand drawn creations for commission.

Scott has an international client base which includes, amongst others, Ford, Nokia, Channel 4 and Canterbury NZ. He has also featured in many print publications, rangingĀ from national newspapers like The Guardian and The Times to news stand regulars GQ and Arena.

After graduating from the University of Plymouth with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration, Scott moved to London and walked the streets with his portfolio looking for work. He was soon snapped up by Synergy Art and won his first major commission with a large scale advertising campaign for Ford – he hasn’t looked back since. Scott loves to use the basics of pencil, crayons and paint to produce his work before throwing it all together in Photoshop. He enjoys working in an environment of organised chaos, loud music and sketch books full of scribbles.

He is represented Worldwide by Synergy Art.